Do I put my trash out on all holidays?
Your trash will be picked up on your regular day for Rhode Island state holidays EXCEPT THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS DAY. Only those customers with regular pick up on the day those three holidays fall will have a schedule change and they will be notified of their alternate pick up day on those three holidays. Our crew works on all but those three previously mentioned holidays, however, our office is closed on all official Rhode Island state holidays.


How do I know if something is recyclable or not?
Visit the website for complete guidelines. This site offers a list of materials with recycling, donation and disposal options.

Can I put my recyclables in bags or boxes in the recycling bin?
NO! Recyclables should be loose in the recycling bin at all times.

What can I use for my recycling bin?
Any container that is not larger than 64 gallons. Please be sure that it is CLEARLY MARKED as a recycling bin if it is not a typical recycling container.


Will you pick up bags of leaves?
Yes, we will take two bags of yard waste per week at no extra charge. If you have more than two, please call to let us know so we can properly schedule your pickup and inform you of the additional charge.


Narragansett Rubbish accepts cash, checks, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. At this time we do not accept direct online payments but you may be able to arrange for something like that with your bank.

How many days do I get to keep the trash dumpster on site?
A standard period of one week is allowed before rental charges are assessed.